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Landline: A Novel - Rainbow Rowell

I won this book from a Goodreads Giveaway and it's been sitting on my nightstand ever since. Just. Staring. At. Me. I was so excited to receive this from Rowell's Major Marketing Campaign and I have no idea why it took me so long to begin. (Well, other than the fact that I have a bazillion books stacked up here and there and I recently went on a self imposed book hiatus.) Once I received my coveted ARC, I placed it lovingly on my nightstand, where all my next-in-line TBR's go to live. Unfortunately, I quickly lost interest. Perhaps the cover is to blame. When I would glance  it, I naturally thought of the telephone. I. HATE. PHONES!! Anyone who knows me well can tell you JUST HOW MUCH I despise phones. The talking. The ringing. The numbing of the hands and ear!! Blekk!! Don't even get me started with mobiles!! MUST YOU TEXT AND DRIVE?! Not if I'm in the car with you!! I will have a serious tantrum!! And then you will just be mad at me. 



Wait! Wait! See? This started as an update on Landline. I digress. The point is, I should have started reading this a long time ago. I could've used the humor. This is my first Rainbow Rowell book and I'm really enjoying it. I was halfway through before I realized it. Lots of clever, quick humor and I like Rowell's writing style. Who'd have thought I would like a book about a telephone? But IS it really magic?