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I'm Lost!!

Lost and Found - Brooke Davis

 Mary Soileau, Breaux Bridge

I gave this book three stars although it's probably more like two and a half. I had high hopes for this book. It started out so well. Let me explain. I didn't HATE it but it was really kind of boring and a bit on the weird side. Although the characters were quirky, they were rather uninteresting at times. Millie is an abandoned seven year old. Her father has recently passed and Millie has been unceremoniously dumped at a department store by her unstable mum. The child makes wacky observations hiding under a clothes rack, befriends a mannequin that she names Manny, and meets an aged widow named Karl. Karl's hands are twitchy only because he types air-messages on everything. EVERYTHING!! (Hunh?) Both Karl and Millie remain in the store after hours and eventually security is alerted. While Karl causes a distraction, Millie is able to escape capture and returns home to search for her negligent mum. Across the street from Millie's home lives Agatha Pantha, another widowed eighty-something. Agatha sets out to help Millie locate her mum. Away they go on a bus headed to Kalgoorlie. (The story takes place in Australia, one of my favorite places.) Along the way, Karl will once again reunite with Millie and the three will share an adventure each never expected. What links these three characters is death, disappointment, loneliness, and a need to belong to something/someone. As I said, I didn't HATE the story. There were enjoyable moments of reading chapters. There was just so much stuff in between the beginning and the end. Some things not relevant to anything, weird thoughts, and a story that seemed to go on and on. A lot of written words that just didn't mean a thing. And then the story would pick up for a small bit. I don't know. I've mixed emotions about this one and it did leave me feeling a bit sad. I would like to thank Penguin's First to Read program for the ARC in exchange for an honest review