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A Blessed Week!!!

Ok. On Thursday eve, I blogged about my incredible experience at Tokyo Live Lafayette when a perfect stranger paid for the entire table, including me, my husband, my daughter, Lyndsy and her hubby, Keith. So amazing!! Truly generous souls out there and I will NEVER forget it. I am going to PAY IT FORWARD the best way I can. I will know the opportunity when it arrives. 


So, guess what? Today I was half way out the door, headed to the camp (limited internet) when I decided to check my email. Haven't checked em since Weds. and it is piling up. I began with Weds. em's and I was deleting and reading and then I run across an email from the author Jeff Bennington, who had sponsored a giveaway on The Kindle Book Review Giveaway for his book The Secret in Defiance, co-written with his friend Patrick Bousum. Well, whatdaya know today is another lucky day for me and let me just say that if I didn't have bad luck, I would have no luck at all. I. NEVER. WIN. ANYTHING. Luck usually sees me and runs the other way. Through Jeff's sponsored giveaway I won a $100 Amazon gift card!! Yes! ME!! What the hey?! I must've done something right and kind for karma to be this sweet. Thank you, Jeff Bennington and The Kindle Book Review Giveaways!! You've made my weekend PERFECT!! So happy I purchased your book and joined that giveaway. So happy to know that REAL PEOPLE really do win those contests. Oh! And, Jeff. I am now your biggest fan.


Best wishes and have a great weekend!!

Happy Reading!!