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My week of blessings is now complete!! 

LSU over OLE MISS 10-7.


In a 4th quarter come-from-behind VICTORY, the Bayou Bengals have officially ended the Ole Miss Rebels bid for an unbeaten season. The score was 7-10 LSU, with 9 seconds of game remaining. The Rebels were in place for a 47-yard field goal to tie the game and send this SEC battle into a stunning overtime. Les Miles froze the Rebel field goal with a timeout. When Ole Miss returned to the field, it was without the field goal kicker. The Rebels decide to go for it on 3rd and 8. WHAT?! Beau/Bo Wallace, Ole Miss' QB, throws the game ending interception and Death Valley erupts with ROARS AND SCREAMS!! Tiger Stadium was rocking!! LSU retains their winning streak against Ole Miss and ends the Rebels perfect season. God Bless Les and the boys that bled PURPLE and GOLD tonight!! Did I cry when the Tigers won?! Heck yeah!! My son, Ben, who was at the game celebrating his birthday, has no idea how hard his mother prayed that his bday would be perfect!! This was THE GAME to be at this weekend. What an exciting victory!! GEAUX TIGERS!!


A blessed weekend indeed!! 


**For the record, after Wallace threw the interception, he retreated to the locker room. I thought this showed his frustration and a lack of good sportsmanship. After all, LSU's QB threw at least 3 interceptions but managed to play with his head held high.