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What a way to end a PERFECT week/weekend!!!

I said my week of blessings would be complete if the Saints pulled off a  V-I-C-T-O-R-Y over the Green Bay Packers. Guess what?! The cake was iced by LSU's unbelievable win against SEC rival Ole Miss and now the Saints placed the cherry on top with an AWESOME, much needed 44-23 win over the #1 defense in the NFL, the Green Bay Packers. 


The game was tied early 7-7 and the first half was a field goal battle as the Saints and Packers traded three field goals a piece. The score was 16-16 and the Saints finally scored a TD and the extra point was good. After that, it was all Saints and an UNSTOPPABLE Mark Ingram, filling the cleats of two injured Saints running backs. Ingram averaged close to 180 rushing yards and scored a TD, playing the best game of his NFL career. Go, Ingram!! The Saints looked better than ever and much improved since last week's loss. Of course, the Saints played at the Dome, in friendly territory. They have to prove they can win one on the road, especially since they'll be heading to Carolina and playing for first place in the NFC South. Next week is going to determine much more than rankings and the Saints will have to come out with guns blazing, limited penalties, and a can-do attitude. They're 0-4 on the road and they've got a lot of road to conquer. For now, I'm not going to look that far ahead. I'm going to enjoy today's win and hope and pray that next week will be as blessed as the week I just had.


Happy Reading and have a great week!!



New Orleans Saints wide receiver Brandin Cooks (10) celebrates his touchdown in the first half of an NFL football game against the Green Bay Packers in New Orleans, Sunday, Oct. 26, 2014. (AP Photo/Bill Haber) (Credit: AP / Bill Haber)