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Guess what's on Vudu today...



When my children were young, I purchased almost every new Disney release. I enjoyed watching the movies just as much as the children. Maybe more. I will admit, I love animated feature films. They make me happy and I probably laugh a little more than a grown-up should what. 


Why do I want to see Maleficent so bad? Well, when I was a little girl, my mother read my brother and I bedtime stories. I'm sure I picked the story of Sleeping Beauty more than my brother cares to remember but I loved when my mother became the character of Maleficent. My mom was a genius when it came to character interpretation. She didn't just read to us. She acted out each character of every story. Maleficent was a particular favorite of mine. Naturally, I want to see this cherished childhood memory come to magical, animated life. I'm sure my mother could've given Jolie a run for her money.