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Summer House with Swimming Pool: A Novel

Summer House with Swimming Pool: A Novel - Herman Koch Finally finished and I feel like I have returned from high school, having been given an assignment to read one of the longest, most nonsensical books ever written. Or to be fair, one of the most nonsensical books that I've ever read. Unfortunately, this book fell into the wrong hands. Mine. Apparently, I am either not smart enough to interpret it's subtle genius or I'm just not literary-cool enough to get it. Whatever. I'd rather be dumb, blonde, and illiterate if this is considered great stuff. For the exact same reason that I didn't just ditch this, I hate to give a scathing review when publishers have been kind enough to send me an ARC/DRC. I usually do not DO bad reviews because it just leaves me sounding bitter and trite and I might like someting else by the author and not want to leave a bad impression in my mind. I have thought about this and when I received this the deal was to give MY honest opinion. If I had a novel floating around out in the public I would certainly welcome all types of criticism. It makes one a better writer, right? As a writer, you have to take ALL of these reviews into account and weigh this information out. This was good/this was bad. How can I improve on this and that? Why wasn't my story interesting? This would all be relative to me when choosing my next subject. You can't have thin skin when you're putting your work out in the public, right? Bad reviews should be expected even if you know you're delivering literary gold. There's always going to be that one a&&hole. As much as I hate to admit this, I guess I'm that a&&hole.

Initially, I was very excited to receive this DRC. Koch's [b:The Dinner|15797938|The Dinner|Herman Koch||6463092] was getting really great reviews, as was this, and the book blurb was riveting. Let me sum it up right here. The book blurb is a bit exaggerative. I mean, that's the gist of things but just written way more exciting than things actually are. AND...that's the whole story written in the blurb. I would read and read and wonder WHEN any of this would happen. I was well over page 200 and still nothing. Then, when something did occur the protagonist, Dr. Marc Schlosser, did very little to resolve the conflict. Maybe, and I do mean a tiny maybe, MAYBE this could have been more entertaining for me had this been written as a novella. Honestly, if you take out all of Dr. Schlosser's disgusting, lucrative thoughts about his patients, family, and friends, there wouldn't be a whole lot left to the story. For example, there was an inccident with an abscessed eye that was so gross but served absolutely no point to the story. I dunno. Perhaps it symbolized some type of cleansing. I just don't know nor do I understand the point of this story. I really feel like a douche for not liking this but I'm just being honest.