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The Hurricane Sisters: A Novel

The Hurricane Sisters: A Novel - Dorothea Benton Frank A SLIGHT BREEZE

First things first: I LOVE Dot Frank!! I've read all of her books and own all (most in hardcover) but two of her wonderful books. DBF's books are always entertaining, humorous, and filled with lovely descriptions of the South Carolina lowcountry that make me want to pack my bags immediately and head for that south eastern shore. Frank really knows and loves that glorious piece of Heaven on Earth. But...and you had to know that BUT was coming, I just didn't get a warm fuzzy feeling when I finished Frank's latest offering. I'm one of DBF's biggest fans and it pains me to write this review in a negative light. I consider Frank's novels to be my go-to fun reads. Need a great beach read? Dot's your author!! Want to read great southern fiction that's light and breezy? Again, pick up any Frank book. I was really looking forward to The Hurricane Sisters but now I'm feeling a bit disappointed. Where was all the humor DBF is known for?! Frank even fell short in description. Surprisingly, I didn't feel like making a break to Sullivan's Island in a convertible. I didn't really want to hang out with the mixed up Water's clan either. Normally, DBF's characters are so great I can't help myself but fall in love with all of their warmth and crazy antics and I want to hang out. Not so much this time. As I read, I found myself anxious for the plot to move along. Was it because the subject hit too close to home? Nah! That was a long ago chapter in my storybook. Although, I do appreciate Frank's awareness on the topic of domestic violence. Maybe it will help some of her readers find the answers they seek. I hope and pray that it does. For me, it was just ok and I HATE that it was just ok because I love Dorothea Benton Frank to pieces. She's my girl!! So, instead of describing what I've read with any more negativity than I have to, let me just say it like this, read it or don't. In the meantime, I will be anxiously awaiting DBF'S next book and I hope she returns to her normal, humorous, fun-loving style.