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Dark Deeds: Serial killers, stakers and domestic homicides - Susan Fleet


Fleet's Dark Deeds is a fascinating account of some of the most horrifying serial killers ever to live. The Boston Strangler was believed to be Albert DeSalvo, but was he the real murderer? Could there have been more than one killer? Then, there are the stalkers or an obsessed fan. I remember the death of Rebecca Schaeffer and how it had affected so many. Rebecca's death brought about changes in stalking laws. Her killer had found her home after hiring a P.I., who walked into a California DMV, and after paying a little over a dollar, was easily given Schaeffer's address. Husbands killing wives. Mothers killing children. Wives killing husbands. The one that made me angriest was the story about Charles and Carole Stuart. How can someone be so cruel, so callous?! And, then there are the survivors of domestic violence, some lucky woman that lived to see another day. She lives but she is brutally scarred both physically and emotionally. Her country of Pakistan does nothing to help her find justice. She is shunned, an embarrassment. Horrific stories. All of them. Tragically, most women murdered know their killer intimately, someone once trusted and loved. It's a story as old as Cain and Abel. Lives taken too soon. Women chosen at random. Killers amongst us. Frightening!!




Above: Fakhra Younus was attacked by her husband Bilal Khar, ex-MPA of the Punjab Assembly and the son of Pakistani Politician Ghulam Mustafa Khar. He threw acid in her face after they split up. Tehmina Durrani, the author of ‘My Feudal Lord’, the former step mother of Bilal Khar tried to help Fakhra. She was sent to Italy for treatment. After having 39 re-constructive surgeries, Fakhra committed suicide. Acid attack is common in Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Afghanistan, Nepal, Cambodia, and a few other countries. Men often do this as a form of punishment for transgressions such as, attending schools, for not wearing Islamic veils, for not behaving well, for speaking too much, for laughing loudly. Khar did not serve one day in prison. NOT ONE!!


To learn more about these murders, Susan Fleet, and her other books, please visit her website: