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Everything I Never Told You - Celeste Ng
Read from November 09 to 11, 2014 — I own a copy


I rate this between a three and half and a four star read for two reasons. Started off well. It ended well. It's just that some of the middle was a bit winded. However, I get it. When you're getting the story from five peoples thoughts, memories, and follies, the story is bound to stretch at times. It is a necessity. Each character needs to have rhyme and reason, right?! This is a very complex story of a complex family. And it's a great story! Just a teeny, tiny too much thinking in places. It also left me feeling depressed.

The story. Mom and Dad have placed all their hopes and dreams on the middle child, Lydia. (That's odd, right? But Lydia still suffers major middle child syndrome.) Mom and Dad are trying to make up for their past failures through their beautiful, perfect daughter. Marilyn, the mother, wanted to be a doctor. Failing to do so, she has made her young daughter her protege'. Her father, James, wanted to fit in, to be popular. In this mixed race family, Lydia is willing to go above and beyond to please both parents. She strives to please all at all costs. Unfortunately, she is falling behind. But Lydia is a YES girl. Nath is the older brother and he does everything right. No one notices. Then, there is poor little Hannah, the baby of the family. Hannah is most comfortable hiding under tables, clinging to the shadows. Hannah is invisible yet very intuitive. Her family brushes her to the side. Everything is focused on Lydia. Lydia is her parents favorite. It is not a secret. Each child resents the favoritism, especially Lydia. Each harbors secrets, resentments, doubts, and anger. This dysfunctional family never shares a real emotional connection. They can't. If they did, the truth would surface and someone would get hurt. Things would change. Again. Say nothing and nothing will change. Say everything and change it all.

This is a sad story about a sad family that could've, should've, would've. Well written and wonderfully told.

*I received this ARC in a Goodreads Giveaway.