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Disturbingly Fun!!

Disturbingly Beautiful (Time Travel romance) (A Paradox In Time Book 1) - Regina Wamba, J.L. Wells, Sarah Cheeseman


Disturbingly Beautiful was a time travelling fun ride!! I enjoyed every minute of Nell's adventurous journey through time, starting in the 19th Century, where Nell chases a mysterious man through the snow and into the 20th Century. Nell suddenly finds herself in the year 1968. How did she get here? Who is this strange man that's led her here? HOW is this even possible?



With Christmas nearly a month away, Nell is hoping to find a new position. Nell is a young, naive governess with an imaginative mind, thanks to her great love for fiction. Coming from a long line of highly educated governesses, she has a wealth of knowledge and hopes to find a better station in life. She has always imagined herself living freely as one of the leading ladies in the fictional stories she so loves, with a man worthy of her. Infact, she often has vivid, life-like dreams of the perfect man. Will she ever meet this man of her dreams? She longs to be free of Haunchcroft, where she has been employed for the past five years. Unfortunately, Nell has been in mourning for her twelve year old charge, Abigale, a sickly child since birth. Nell and Abigale had great affection for one another but now Nell is faced with the cruel loss of one so young. Nell is ready for a change but she must have a reference from her employer, Mr. Sebastian Buchannan, the youngest son of the Earl of Dulverton and Abigale's non-demonstrative father. But Mr. Buchannan doesn't want to give Nell a reference. He doesn't want Nell to leave Haunchcroft at all. The only thing Mr. Buchannan wants to give Nell is his last name. Finding Nell "disturbingly beautiful", Sebastian professes his love in a crude and vulgar manner. Nell is insulted and angry and vows to hate Mr. Buchannan forever. Then, Nell sees the mysterious man. She has never seen this gentleman before. He does not belong here and he appears to be stealing from her employer. Nell gives chase and runs straight into the future. But is it her future? Is her life meant to begin in the future or the past she ran from? I'll never tell!!



Nell is a highly likeable character but a little flaky at times. Loved the historical-fiction-meets-time-travel premise! Disturbingly Beautiful was one of those stories that I could have enjoyed reading all day had I had the time. It's not a long story and I would have liked a bit more explanation behind the time travel how's and why's. I felt that part was a bit vague but it didn't deter from the storyline. Also, there were a few characters in the book that I would have enjoyed getting to know a bit more but this wasn't their story to tell. Overall, I liked it a lot! It had a great historical feel and an interesting, twisty plot. I'd even go so far as to say, I would follow Nell into a new book somewhere in the future.



Thanks to J & L Wells who were one of many authors that sponsored a great giveaway on Kindle Book Reviews. I purchased a copy of Disturbingly Beautiful and it brought me good luck!! (In no way did this influence my review.) Thanks, ladies!! :)