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Bittersweet: A Novel - Miranda Beverly-Whittemore

Mabel has gotten herself into a great position. Not only has she escaped her return home, the last place she wants to be, Mabel has managed to score a posh invitation from her college roomate, the beautiful Genevra Winslow, to spend the summer vacay with her and the Winslow clan at Genevra's (Ev) cottage in Vermont. The Winslow's have owned vacation homes at Winloch for well over a century. They are an elite family. Well known and powerful. They KNOW people and the Winslow's do not associate themselves with just anyone. So, plain, ordinary Mabel Dagmar is elated when she sets off for Ev's cottage, Bittersweet. Mabel imagines a picture perfect vacation straight out of a fancy magazine. She envisions a summer spent lazing by the waters edge, basking in the sun, as she and Ev exchange secrets and gossip about things close friends whisper about. She will have the gorgeous Ev all to herself. Most importantly, Mabel wants to fit in. She deserves the finer things Ev has enjoyed all of her life. Mabel covets the Winslow lifestyle. And when an opportunity arises, a chance to be "one of them", Mabel may soon realize that old saying, Be carefeul what you wish for. Ev changes quickly at Bittersweet, secretive and disappearing into the night, and the summer Mabel dreamed about becomes something of a nightmare. The Winslow's are a proud, wealthy, powerful family with many deep, disturbing skeletons. As Mabel searches for ways into the inner sanctum, she uncovers things that any family would prefer to stay hidden. Nothing is as it seems and Mabel grows paranoid and untrusting. Someone has gone to great lengths to hide these dark family secrets. But which Winslow? Mabel has secret demons of her own. Which secrets will Mabel reveal? Which secret is Mabel willing to keep to herself, for exposing lies of others may expose her own? Mabel has gotten herself into a difficult position. Mabel Dagmar longs to fit in with the Winslow's, to be loved and accepted, but to become part of the clan, Mabel may have to destroy them first.



Another book that took me quite a while to get in to. A whole month of getting in to. For starters, I cared very little about the shallow, horny characters. I think all of the players were meant to be shallow. Otherwise, the story would have never gone anywhere. Shallow people sould easily ignore all the wierdness that took place at Bittersweet and beyond. It was dark and gothic, yes! The plot soon became the same old story but it did have different twists peppered here and there. There was A LOT going on and it often caused me frustration. I actually had to take a break from the book several times. It just got a bit winded. The first half Of <i>Bittersweet</i> dragged on and on. The second half exploded into creepiness and it was here that I was most absorbed. Creeped out but entertained! Overall, pretty decent read if you can get through the first fifty percent. I flip-flopped between a rating. I've settled on a 3 star review only because I can't give it the other half star I think it deserves. Final evaluation: 3 and a half stars!!



Thanks to NetGalley and Simon and Schuster for sharing a DRV copy in exchange for a review.