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Clockwork Gold - Jenny Schwartz
ookshelves: author-contact, dig-rev-copy, steampunk, short-stories-novella
Read on December 02, 2014 — I own a copy


Clockwork Gold is a fun-filled romantic steampunk novella set in the wild, Western Australian Goldfields.

Clever and inventive, Rebecca Jones is fiercely independent and self-reliant. Rebecca, or Becky, is a dirigible pilot, running a messenger service to minors and prospectors isolated in the harsh, lawless Outback. She has gained the trust of the mining community and remains loyal, with a strong moral compass. The Blue Wren, Becky's most prized creation, is one of the most trusted airships of the Goldfields. Rebeccas's loyalty has earned her access to fly in areas where other dirigibles would be fired upon.

Why, then, is Rebecca under suspicion for espionage? Is she being framed by a corrupt justice? Has Rebecca made powerful enemies who mean her harm? Are other pilots schemeing to take control of her unique service? Could Rebecca really be guilty of these accusations? What IS Becky up to? Nathan Burton, Special Agent to the Crown, intends to get the answers to all of the questions he has about the alluring, intriguing Rebecca Jones.