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Clean Sweep ARC Challenhe

Purrrrr-fectly FUN!!

Demon Hunter - Jenny  Schwartz

Demon Hunter is a fun, action-packed, paranormal romance novella. It's my favorite Schwartz novella so far! There's a little bit of everything in this short e-book. Something for everyone to sink their claws into. Romance, a hot and sexy shape shifter named Steve, intrigue, mystery, and LOTS of imaginative, inventive paranormal activity. The female protagonist, Fay, has family issues that need resolution and her job as a demon hunter at the Collegium is on shaky ground. But Fay is a strong, Lara Croft-like chick and she has a score to settle with a few obnoxious demons first. Gutsy gal with a take no prisoners attitude. More Steve, please!! The sequel should be even better.