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Bloody Good!!

The Icarus Plot - Jenny Schwartz


I've read several of Jenny Schwartz's novellas and this one is my all time favorite!! (I think I say that after each new read.) Seriously, an interesting plot jumps to life and the sights and sounds of a dark, dreary English night are easily imagined. 


Ivana is a woman with passion, purpose, independence, and heart. She is the owner of a local toy store but Ivana is secretly trading more than children's toys. Ivana is filled with guilt and remorse over a past relationship. Unable to move forward, she has found ways to alleviate her pain.


Andrew has recently become an earl, a title his loathsome cousin once held. With the title of earl comes great responsibility and Andrew intends to honor the responsibilities his cousin ignored.


Then, there are the street urchins of this vast, Victorian city. So many children without parents and cast into the horrid, lonely streets. Somewhere in the darkness, a monster lurks and children are mysteriously disappearing. Ivana and Andrew are united in their separate searches for two of the missing children. What horrors will they uncover in the shadows of the night?

The Icarus Plot is Schwartz at her steampunk best.