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Waking Kate by Sarah Addison Allen

Waking Kate - Sarah Addison Allen

For starters, I had just finished Allen's lovely book, Garden Spells, when I ran across a free digital download of this very short story. Garden Spells was the first book I'd read by Sarah Addison Allen and I fell instantly in love with her writing. I wanted more, more, more!! Unfortunately, thirty-four pages of Waking Kate will only wet one's whistle. If you've never read an Allen book and you're looking for an introduction, please do not start here because you will not experience the author's true talent for writing stories that easily capture one's attention and imagination. I'm not saying that Waking Kate is bad. It's just short and the book had a dark, foreboding feel to it. Kate's on the verge of something, this I get. I GET the idea of the story. I just didn't get why. I'm assuming that this short read was a build-up for another Allen book called Lost Lake.  I say this because both characters make reference to it and perhaps Kate, and other characters, have more chapters and pages to tell their complete story. If that's the case, then it's also safe to assume that Allen was successful with ensnaring the reader because now I'm headed over to Lost Lake. And for that, I'm giving this another star!