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~This week's book haul~
~This week's book haul~

I went a little book crazy recently while sick in bed with the flu/pneumonia. What else was there to do but read and shop? I had read Garden Spells and fell in love with Sarah Addison Allen's whimsical writing. I had to have the sequel, First Frost, which led me to buy all of SAA's beautifully illustrated books. As sequels sometimes go, First Frost was no where near as magical as Garden Spells. My next SAA read will probably be The Sugar Queen, unless any of you SAA fans that have read them all can point me to the next best one. Also really looking forward to reading Andra Watkins ghostly tale of Meriwether Lewis. I spoke briefly to Watkins on Goodreads and she hinted that Meriwether told her to write her story. As I've mentioned before, I am a descendant of Meriwether Lewis and I'd like to get to know him better, even if it's through a fictional account. Kate Morton is new to me. I adore Australian authors, (LOVE YOU, Jenny Schwartz!!) so I'm very happy to own a lovely copy of The Forgotten Garden. It came highly recommended. I've got lots to read. I certainly didn't need a book haul this large. Every surface in my home has more than enough books on it. My husband has promised to build me a bookcase.  We shall see. In the meantime, I'm a sucker for a pretty book but then there ALL pretty to me. I just can't help myself. Books make me happy, happy, happy!