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What a ride!!

The Girl on the Train - Paula Hawkins

I. Loved. This. Book!! This crazy, convoluted train ride, through a London suburb, is now going on my All-Time-Fave shelf. While I did not connect with Rachel, and even wanted to slap and shake her a time or two,  I did feel overly protective of her. I pitied her immensely.  Her need to be accepted, loved, and needed was so heartbreaking. There are people like Rachel and that is a sad thought in itself. But imagining the goings-on in a frequently passed home does not make Rachel crazy or pitiful. I have often passed a home and imagined it's in interior or what the homeowners did for a living. What sets us apart is the obsessive thinking and the way Rachel placed herself amongst perfect strangers. You just never know about people. It gives me the creeps. Was she asking for trouble, and therefore deserved the consequences?  No! The world could use a few more observant, concerned, trusting people who are willing to stick their neck out for a stranger in need. Then again,  where did it get her?! From now on, while riding along in my chosen form of transportation, I will never be able to look out of the window without letting my imagination wander and think of The Girl on the Train. 


Let me not say another word. There may still be a few who haven't read this thrilling misadventure. If ya haven't,  I'm not sure what you're waiting on. It's a doozy! I was engaged from the beginning. I'm so glad I got on this train ride. I almost missed it. A wonderful, generous friend sent me a copy after I expressed my desire to read it. It was one of those "just because" surprises, a friend sharing a favorite book. Melissa, thank you!! I'm still hugging my book.