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The Hand on the Mirror by Janis Heaphy Durham

The Hand on the Mirror: A True Story of Life Beyond Death - Janis Heaphy Durham


Janis Heaphy Durham loses her husband to cancer and on the first anniversary of his death strange things begin to happen, things that cannot easily be explained or forgotten. For three years, coinciding with the day her husband died, a mysterious, powdery handprint shows up on the bathroom mirror. Janis wasn't the only person to witness the phenomenon. It couldn't be her imagination but she did wonder if her grief was causing her to see and do things that were unexplainable. As publisher of the Sacramento Bee, Heaphy Durham was accustomed to finding reliable answers and exacting the truths. Questioning her knowledge of the paranormal, and wondering if her deceased husband, Max, is asking for help in the spirit world, JHD seeks answers from some of the most knowledgable scientists in the fields of paranormal activity, quantum physics, mediums, psychics, and so forth. Her findings were inreresting. One such question raised is CAN CONSCIOUSNESS SURVIVE DEATH? These mysterious handprints, accompanied by flickering lights, moving carpets, and strange coincidences, lead her on a spiritual journey and on the road to healing and understanding, JHD once again finds her soul mate and true happiness. My question is: how much did Max have a "hand" in all of this? 

Since reading this, I must admit, I began to pay a bit more attention. Can deceased loved ones communicate with us beyond the grave? I will say this much, on April 10, 2002, my husband and I lost our precious eight year old daughter while awaiting a heart transplant. Unfortunately, she suffered a massive stroke that left her brain dead. We chose to remove her from life support the same day. I held her in my arms as her life quietly slipped away, an irretrievable piece of me taken with her. I relive the moment often but I know my sweet girl is happy and healthy in Heaven. And, she had promised me something special about a month before she died. Knowing how much I loved my flowers and how much I loved digging in my gardens, my daughter, MaryAshlee, smiling that silly little grin, turned to me and said, 

"When I die, I'm going to come back as a butterfly and visit you in
your garden."

And she does. Many an occasion, I am blessed to find a beautiful butterfly hovering close by, fluttering a soft hello.

*I received this book in a Goodreads giveaway. The views and opinions are my own



Although my daughter has nothing to do with this book, nor is this picture in any way associated with the book, I do speak of her in my review and felt compelled to post a cheerful picture of my little butterfly.