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Among The Ten Thousand Things

Among the Ten Thousand Things: A Novel - Julia Pierpont

What did I think? NOT the book for me. It was rather depressing and it just seemed overly busy. Besides a family in torment,  not much else going on. I need a bowl of laughs right about now to lighten the mood. Nah. This didn't work for me.


One more tiny, incredibly annoying fact: I'm not exactly sure why the author thought that placing the ending of the story RIGHT THERE IN THE MIDDLE was going to translate to genius idea. Um...if I wasn't so OCD, I'd have quickly pulled the plug on this one.  Let's not do that again. Kinda felt like Part Two should've been titled with a big fat SPOILER ALERT. Seriously.  Hurt my feelings. 


Thanks to Penguin's First to Read program for hooking me up with a DRC.