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A Curious Beginning

A Curious Beginning - Deanna Raybourn

A couple of years ago, I joined an online fundraising auction. I was bidding on a signed set of Deanna Raybourn books. I was outbid at the last moment but I eventually located the desired items elsewhere and even snagged a signed edition. However, I never got around to reading either of the books. A Curious Beginning is the first Raybourn book I've read and I wasn't disappointed. So much fun packed between the pages of this book!! Veronica Speedwell is a female protagonist that I love. She's brilliant and her quick, sarcastic wit is refreshing. Miss Speedwell is definitely not a damsel in distress waiting for a man to save her. In fact, Veronica is likely to be the rescuer. Veronica Speedwell's character is delightfully perfect. The man that will become her protector, Stoker, is my new book boyfriend. I just adore him. Together,  Miss Speedwell and Stoker must solve a crime if they are to survive. All I'm going to say about their mysterious  adventure is that I enjoyed every moment. While their partnership in crime solving wouldn't put Holmes & Watson out of a sleuthing gig, they're certainly entertaining and the chemistry between Veronica and Stoker is sizzling. I'm definitely sticking around for the next book in the series. Loved it! Now I need to pull my other Raybourn books from my shelf and get busy reading. Deanna Raybourn has recruited me to her fan club.  


*I won an ARC in a Goodreads giveaway. Thanks to Putnam and Goodreads for another wonderful read.