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~ A Beautiful Day in Louisiana ~

What a beautiful day in Louisiana!! I've been trying to take advantage of being in the country at my parents home. Great day for bird watching, too. The Cedar Waxwings are visiting the yard in large flocks, feasting on the red seeds of the magnolia trees, as are the starlings. The Cedar Waxwing is a gorgeous bird, a real treat to see. I'm sitting on the patio with binoculars,  camera, & books (always books!), accompanied by my cats. Archie & Evie are bird watchers, too. Their mouths do this funny chattering thing when bird watching. (If you have cats, you'll know what I mean. Experts say cats do this because they can already taste the excitement of catching a bird. Naughty cats!) Like I used to tell my children when they were youngsters shopping with me, "Look with your eyes NOT with your hands." For the most part, the cats follow the same instructions, leaving the birds alone but their mouths taste victory and chatter on. Now, getting back to bird watching 101. Unfortunately, I've been unsuccessful in attempts to photograph the Waxwings. It's hard enough viewing them through binoculars. They're flighty little birds and I can't say I blame them. My dad has joined me on the patio and is recalling birdwatching adventures of his youth. Turns out, his method of enjoying the visiting Cedar Waxwings was very different from my own.  When he and his boyhood friends would discover flocks of migrating Waxwings they'd all start screaming "The Waxwings are here! The Waxwings are here!" and promptly shoot them out of trees with BB guns. "Daddy!! I'm ashamed of you." He chuckles and together we resume our watch with greater appreciation. Me, Daddy, and the cats. A perfectly beautiful day!


For those that have never seen a Cedar Waxwing:

(Unable to get a real pic despite many efforts.)