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On a whim, while out running errands today, I decided to head to Lafayette and visit one of my favorite places, The Bookrack.  I was feeling pretty positive on the way there, singing with the radio and enjoying a gorgeous Friday afternoon. Of course, I was happy because I had a $100 bill to burn and I was fantasizing about all of the great books I was going to find and buy. I purchase most of my books online but I love to visit that quaint, little used bookstore. It's one of my happy places. There's even a bookstore cat to welcome readers. I parked my car and skipped to the door just picturing the giant book haul I'd exit with. But, no! One of two things happened the second I opened the door and smelled that tantalizing fragrance of books. First, my mobile began to ring.  It was like an omen.  Now, to some, this may be comforting and enjoyable. Perhaps you love talking on your cell. For me, it's one of the least favorite things in the world. I'd rather induced labor. I'm serious. I. Hate. Phones!! I hate talking on mobiles. I hate speaking on a landline. I despise holding a phone to my ear. It's annoying. Friends and loved ones know that phone conversations with me will be short and sweet. Besides, I was at the bookstore to escape and have some me time. Crisis over, I immediately noticed that the store had been rearranged. Not good! There were books everywhere. This should've made me happy, seeing lovely books strewn about, but my OCD went into overdrive and I was instantly overwhelmed. Being OCD, I had a couple of lists with me. Anxiously looking around and unfamiliar with the order of things, I knew I was going to have problems.  Three hours later,  I still hadn't found a thing. Not one book on my list was in that store today. Now, if you're a true book lover, you will completely understand the emotions that filled my book lovin' soul. I was going to walk out of a bookstore empty handed. Mon dieu! I had been so happy-go-lucky driving there. I was not leaving without a book!! It was such a let down but I did finally find two books. Two books. Does that even qualify as a book haul? Oh, well! I had $84.00 and some change after my measly purchase so I stopped at Walgreens and treated my broken heart to an Amazon card. As I drove home, my spirits began to lift. I was once again beboppin along with the radio, imagining all the books I was going to order online. 



My two purchases at the bookstore. 



Ending on a happy note, I received my First Edition copy of Voodoo Queen in the mail today. I've been coveting this book for a while and figured I deserved a treat. Can't wait to read it! Now I'll have to schedule a weekend jaunt to New Orleans. I may need to do some hands on research if I want to turn in a decent book review. Happy reading! Hope all of your book hauls are successful and require two bags.