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Nirvana - J.R. Stewart

I was almost finished with Nirvana when I got an email from the publicist informing me of a new, updated version. *sigh* A teeny tiny bit annoyed that I was going to wrap up another NetGalley read, adding to my much needed completion ratio, and now I'll have to read another version of a book I found so-so to begin with. But, and it's a positive but, the good news is that the reviews for the newer version appear to be much better. The first copy of Nirvana wasn't horrible, it just doesn't explain things I need to know to make this story complete. So, I'm going to put this copy aside and move forward with the new copy now available on NetGalley. Is it worth another read? The answer will undoubtedly vary widely  amongst readers. I'm in favor of a reread because I think the story had promise and perhaps Stewart made the necessary tweaks the book needed to excel. I'm all about second chances.