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The Nightingale - Kristin Hannah

I have occasional bouts of insomnia and sleep does not always come easy. I accidentally discovered a new trick to make self fall asleep. A happy accident! With earbuds in place, sleep timer set, & Audible app playing my book selection, I lay my head down on my luxurious feather pillow. I normally set my sleep timer for 30/45 mins. Put sound at a gentle, soothing volume. Once the narrator begins reading, it's like having Mom at my bedside reading a goodnight story. I often last a good fifteen/twenty mins before the sweet voice lulls me to sleep. Works like a charm. That said, if I continue listening this way, well, it may take me a few nights.

The story? It's really good. My husband brought me coffee in bed this morning and fluffed up my pillows so I could enjoy reading in bed for a while. (I love when he's home in the morning.) I put my earbuds in, sipped my coffee, and listened for about an hour. I can't remember the narrator's name but her voice is soft and she does great character accents. 


I don't listen to a lot of audiobooks. I only have about a dozen or so. I just never got in the habit of listening. Too many interruptions. Long trips by myself are a great time to listen. I also like listening to audiobooks when I'm in the tub. I have a habit of taking long baths and I may have dropped a few of my books in the tub. Hence, one of the titles for my digital bookshelves. Audible comes in handy here. I'd never tried the nighttime listening because that's one of my favorite times to read or spend time with the hubster. But I definitely like falling  asleep while someone reads to me.  Hm. I wonder if I could train my husband, Mark, to read me to sleep.