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Sky Garden by Jenny Schwartz

Sky Garden - Jenny Schwartz

Last month, I voted for a book on Kindle Scout that I thought would be entertaining. This book! It had many appealing elements that I look for in a book. Historical fiction (in a sense), a bit of mystery and suspense, easy romance, and great location. I've read several of Jenny Schwartz's books, my favorite being The Icarus Plot. Unfortunately, the book wasn't picked up for publication. Bummer. I really hoped it would've been. I like Schwartz's books and I adore Jenny as a personable author. She cares about her books and her readers. Schwartz is always happy to gab about her latest offering, generously shares updates, and is quick to answer any question I may throw at her. Jenny Schwartz is a happy, positive person. So, her books make me happy. Sky Garden was a great read and exactly what I've come to expect from Schwartz. A good, fun read!! I loved the unique location of the sky garden. Frankly, I've never really given much thought to rooftop gardens and the happiness they must create for those surrounded by a concrete jungle. A nifty location for romance to...blossom.


Lanie Briers was lucky. She escaped a sadistic serial killer with her sanity intact but is still consumed with fear. To protect those she loves, she distances herself and reinvents her life. A safe life. That is, until Nick Tawes stumbles up her stairwell late one evening. Nick is there to film his latest project, a sky garden on the rooftop of the Horry Museum. Nick is surprised to find the residential flat on the roof, with the attractive Lanie inside. It'll have to do. Nick and crew will work around this obstacle. Lanie is having none of this arrangement. She likes her quiet flat and the safety it provides from prying eyes. Lanie vows to stop Nick in his tracks. Ironically, what seperates Lanie and Nick in the beginning may very well unite them in the end.