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Oliver and Jumpy Stories 34-36

Oliver and Jumpy, Stories 34-36 (Oliver and Jumpy, the Cat Series, Book 12): This series includes short fairy tales and animal stories for bedtime reading - Werner Stejskal

Oliver is the coolest cat around in his stylish white top hat. He's classy and clever and the most famous cat in the country. Of course, a cool cat needs a buddy to pal around with and Jumpy the kangaroo is the perfect best friend. Jumpy even lets Oliver travel in her pouch! Join Oliver and Jumpy as they seek adventure on the high seas in search of lost jewels and sunken treasure. Follow Oliver as he joins the circus and becomes a clown, jumps through hoops of fire, and learns to walk the tightropes. Spend a day after school working with Oliver, who's trying to earn enough money to buy himself a Christmas present.


Lots of fun, colorful illustrations for children to enjoy. Recommended for ages 3 - 10 . Short, comprehensive storylines with characters boy and girls will grow to love. There are three stories in this book. Beautiful, clear illustrations.



Story #34 - HOW I FOUND MY TOP HAT (illustrated by Maycee Ann Reyes)
Story #35 - OLIVER IN THE CIRCUS (illustrated by Yon Rifa'i)
Story #36 - SHIP WRECK (illustrated by Mario Teresco)



There are currently 62 Oliver and Jumpy stories (Twenty ebooks with three stories) available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, Ibooks, and Kobo. For the latest news about Oliver and Jumpy, please visit:






**Many thanks to author Werner Stejskal for generously sharing this delightful series and providing me with an e-copy for review.