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The Winemakers: A Novel of Wine and Secrets - Jan Moran

I don't always read historical romance but when I'sThe Winemakers: A Novel of Wine and Secrets.

Last week, I was on a bit of a vacay and devoted the majority of my time to reading. It's been a while since I've been able to do this and fortunately I had great books on hand. I was also lucky enough to be a part of Moran's Launch Party Team for The Winemakers and received a gorgeous ARC from Jan with matching bookmarks. The book is wonderful inside and out and I hate to sound cliché but I really could not put the book down. From beginning to end, loved this book! The two settings, Napa Valley and Tuscany, were sumptuous and so real that I could smell and taste the succulent, ripe grapes of both regions. And, it was so much fun learning about wine, the process of aging wine, and the many descriptive terms used by wine connoisseurs. Moran did an excellent job creating believable, likeable characters and placing them in locations that spilled into the imagination with ease.

If you love historical romance The Winemakers: A Novel of Wine and Secrets is the perfect choice. Pair this book with a fine glass of white or red wine. Doesn't matter. Goes down smoothly with either one. I'd even be willing to read a sequel or two. Yummy!!

Thank you, Jan! I enjoyed being a part of the book launch and I know this book will delight reader's everywhere. I also received a copy from NetGalley for review. Many thanks!