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Clean Sweep ARC Challenhe

May Clean Sweep ARC Challenge

I love ARCs! Who doesn't, right? It's a perfect day when those packages filled with books arrive. Even better when delivered by UPS. My son is the UPS driver. Bonus: A visit from my son who hand delivers my book mail. Perfect! As much as I love receiving ARCs from publishers and authors, it's easy to fall behind. One of my New Year's resolutions was to limit my big eyes at NetGalley. I stuck to this for a while and then I blew it in the middle of March. I may have blown it yesterday, too. When I looked at my NetGalley dashboard, well, my bookshelf contained an odd number. I had to make it even. I added 6 more titles. I have to tackle my galleys. Then, I was kind of on a winning streak and won several books through Goodreads, different blogs I follow, and LibraryThing. I guess I should've also hit the casinos because I just kept winning and the books just kept coming. All at once. Thankfully, I'm not a gambler. I'm a reader. I spend my cash on books. I shouldn't be buying any books when I've got stacks of ARCs to hit but there are those tomes that I must own. If you're a book lover or a book addict (same thing?), you know what I mean. Books are all over my house. On every table. My nightstand barely has room for a lamp. It's time I make a clean sweep of the ARC mountain or at least make a minor dent in May. I know. I know. I'm a little late getting started on this challenge but I've been reading.




I've got a few books open already. I'm not going to give myself an outrageous goal that I'll never meet. I have also decided NOT to choose a specific title because I know I'll change my mind. Here's what I'm shooting for:


    Complete two DRCs courtesy of NetGalley 

Complete two DRCs from Edelweiss

Complete two or three ARCs (Hardcover/paperback)




If I manage this, I'll be a happy reader in May. Of course, there's still the matter of those puppies. Remember those puppies I spoke of in April, the ones that crushed my

Read-a-Thon goals? Thankfully, they're are no longer ten. Seven puppies remain and that's a bit more manageable but still...I've got my work cut out for me. #CleanSweepARC 


For the fourth year in a row during the month of May we will be challenging you to get those advanced reading copies read!  These can be e-arc’s, finished copies, audio and physical arcs. (regardless of release date) As an added bonus you will be able to schedule advanced reviews and free up your time to enjoy the warmer weather. To make things fun there will be 24 hour readathon and a grand prize for a 2016 release.
So roll up your sleeves grab your brooms and check your NetGalley stats, Edelweiss haul and those books you’ve meant to review in your ARC TBR pile..because it’s time to make a #CleanSweepARC.