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JUNE by Miranda Beverly-Whittemore

June: A Novel - Miranda Beverly-Whittemore

I was originally excited about this book. When I saw it offered on Blogging for Books I hip hipped hoorayed. Then I started reading. While it wasn't torture, I couldn't help feeling sluggish as I labored through chapter after chapter. First, I never made a connection with the character of Cassie. She takes the lead role in the present day portion of this sordid tale that reminded me of a  horribly acted soap opera. P.S.- I never cared for those things. Second, the present day storyline was extremely far fetched. Here's the quick version. Hollywood comes to town and the biggest star in the world, Tate Montgomery, who's married to the biggest rock star in the world, is moving in with a small town local. This local, Cassie, a complete stranger to said superstar, is a whack job. Doesn't bathe. Drippy, greasy hair and let's her historical mansion fall down around her. She's reclusive, ya know, so I guess she has to be weird. Whatever. Anywho, Hollywood moves in like no big deal and everything is suddenly magical. Dirty ole Cassie walks around star struck and snapping photos at odd intervals. Of course, Tate, America's sweetheart, is there for a reason. The majestic old home, Two Oaks, has a history (and apparently a mind of it's own) and Tate is there to get answers from Cassie, the clueless, irresponsible, selfish granddaughter of June Danvers, who lived in the  grand home during  it's heyday. The house has not forgotten the lovely June and somehow manages to share it's memories through dream sequences and whispers. Two Oaks longs for the days of the past, when people filled it's rooms and appreciated it's grandeur. It's here in the past where the real story lies. But June is gone and she left a mountain of questions behind, taking the secrets of the past with her. Tate's arrival will force Cassie to face responsibilities (maybe a bath) and piece together the intricate, delicate puzzle of June. *face plant here* 


I'm going to sum this up as simply as I can. JUNE, in my opinion, was filled with cliche after boring cliche and ridiculously convoluted. 




*I received a copy of this book for review from Blogging for Books. I received a DRC from NetGalley. Both copies greatly appreciated.