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EVANGELINE by E.A. Gottschalk

Evangeline - E.A. Gottschalk

For starters, let me explain how I stumbled across this book, the complete opposite of my normal reading material. Pure accident. I was looking for EVANGELINE by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, that epic poem about French lovers that became Acadian legends . I've been wanting to purchase an old edition to add to my book collection. Needless to say, this EVANGELINE is nothing like Longfellow's poem. Not even close. That said, once I happened upon the title AND the author's name, well, I was curious. I'm from Louisiana and I enjoy reading books about Louisiana. I also try to support local authors and those around the state. For some reason, my mind was still trying to associate EVANGELINE with Louisiana and I glanced at the author's name. Gottschalk. I figured that was some kind of spin on the last name we Louisianians refer to as Godchaux. Pronunciation: GAWD-shaw. (Think Keith Godchaux, Grateful Dead.) Again, this book has zero to do with Longfellow, Louisiana, or Godchaux. Short story long, at this point, I'd already delved far enough into the title, the book, and E.A. Gottschalk that I figured, why the hell not? I was also in a very dark mood the evening I ran across this sinister story so I just went with it. Every now and then I hop off the beaten path and discover I do enjoy walking in the dark every now and then. I remember when I was a kid and loved hearing ghost stories. It was fun being scared silly, right?! Heart beating fast, eyes wide in terror, that scream right below the surface because you know something's getting ready to happen. Yeah. That! Now, keep in mind, there are several kinds of scared. One being the monster-alien scary and the other being the bad-guy-please-don't-kill-me kind of scary. That's just sheer fear. It's the worst kind of scary for me. Then there's the scared when one is doing something terribly wrong and although you know it's wrong, you pray you don't get caught. For me, this book was a mixture of the last two. If you're looking for a book to frighten you with ghosts and three headed devils, this is not that book. It is, however, a horrifying tale that filled me with anger, fear, and chills. Let me WARN you though, contains graphic language, disturbing sexual situations, and extreme violence. If you're a bit twisted, you shouldn't have any problems here.


We're all familiar with bullies. There are some sick ducks in our beautiful world. Bullies come in all shapes, colors, and size. Kids can be downright brutal to one another. The sickest bullies are those that take advantage of small children or the defenseless. Why? How does someone become a bully? Were they bullied? Are some people just born bad? If you're the one being bullied, how much could you take? When bullying crosses the line and turns into something entirely brutal and becomes unspeakably heinous, at what point does one say enough is enough? We know what can happen. That bullied, beaten down person can snap. There are those that commit suicide after enduring years of taunts and cruel punishment. Some become reclusive and withdraw from human interaction altogether. Then there's Angeline. Preyed upon since she was a child, she meekly accepts her lot in life. Angeline is mentally and sexually abused by her stepfather. Her mother is unstable. Kids at school tease Angeline and pick apart her looks. Bad things happen to this poor girl on a daily basis. But Angeline has a secret weapon. Someone is looking out for her and that someone is here to right some wrongs. Meet Evangeline. Things are about to get ugly. If Evangeline shows up at your door, odds are she's there to collect a debt. And, there will be hell to pay. Some have more to lose than other's. 


This is Book One of a five book series. Will I continue? Indeed I will.