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The Art & Craft of Murder by Cozy Cat Parker

Cozy Mysteries: The Art & Craft of Murder (Whistler's Cove Cozy Mystery Series Book 1) - Cozy Cat Parker

In a small fishing village known as Whistler's Cove, Misty owns and operates her dream come true, a successful teahouse that caters to an artistic community. Every small village has that one popular hangout, a place for locals to mingle and gossip. Or commit murder. Unfortunately for the town meanie, Hillary Short, poison is today's teahouse special. The only question being asked is WHO served the deadly dish. Or in this case, tainted tomato juice.


This is a short introduction in a four book series that revolves around Whistler's Cove. A number of locals are introduced in the first book but none really stand out, other than the main character and teahouse owner, Misty Williams. She's a likeable lady and I enjoyed the teahouse setting. Seems like a quaint gathering spot in an artsy community. This novella took less than an hour to read. But, nothing really wowed me or endeared me to it's characters. Then again, I find it hard to critique a story that's under fifty pages. I totally appreciate an author that can set the scene, add suspense to a mystery, and quickly wrap it up in forty-eight pages. I've read plenty books that had less to say but tortured reader's minds for hundreds of unnecessary pages. The bottom line here is, while there was a fine mystery developing, I needed something more. Maybe a bit more humor that cozy mysteries are normally known for. I needed something that captured my imagination, that one thing that compels a reader on. I needed to be hooked, especially since the first book in a series is what catapults the reader to the next. I wanted that happy connection that just wasn't there. For that reason, I'm on the fence. Not bad but I'm not cozy. Should I investigate this mystery further or call it a wrap? Right now, that decision remains unsolved.



If you're interested in reading this easy cozy, it's available on Amazon for free.

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