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The Last Letter from Your Lover

The Last Letter from Your Lover - Jojo Moyes Or...HOW TO LOSE A LOVER!!

This was a rather heartbreaking tale of lost love. While I do not condone extramarital affairs, this was just a book for entertainment purposes and it wasn't difficult to root for Jennifer and Boot. Ellie and John, that's a different story.

The story begins around 1960 in England. The beautiful Jennifer Stirling awakens in hospital to a life she doesn't remember, to a life she feels she no longer fits into. Once she returns home to a lavish lifestyle and a wealthy, attractive husband, she is unable to find anything of comfort to her. Everything is unfamiliar and something feels off. Trying to come to terms with her memory lapse, Jennifer searches her surroundings for something that may help her know the woman that stares back at her from the mirror in her dressing area. She carefully handles the jewelry in front of her and realizes that she must live a glamorous life. She accesses the clothes in her closet and wonders where she wears the extravagant clothing. These are her belongings. Even when she touches them nothing can be recalled. Then, Jennifer eyes the books on a shelf and can vaguely remember plots of each. She picks up one that looks out of place and it is here where she finds the letter that will connect her to the life she knew before the accident.

2003. Ellie is having an affair with a married man that she allows to consume her every thought. She is a journalist and is desperately trying to hold on to that title. Her personal relationship with John has been interfering with her performance at work and she needs a great story to prove her self to a boss that has serious doubts about Ellie's work ethics and commitments. She has been given an assignment, with a deadline, and she must uncover an archived piece of the past that will be interesting enough to sway her boss and readers. Not that easy when the newspaper she works for is relocating to a new building, boxes of information and years of papers are scattered everywhere and she has to enlist the help of an archive librarian named Rory. It is in these archived vaults of history that Ellie begins to question her relationship with the married man and the direction her life is headed in. It is here where Ellie finds the letter that will change her life.

This is a story about the decisions we make, the lives that are affected by those decisions, and how an indecisive moment of time can change the course of many lives. I did find there were times that the story kind of dragged on. Overall, it was well told. Interesting enough and Moyes has a way with heartbreaking love stories.