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Infidelity - Stacey May Fowles ~I received this book from a Goodreads giveaway in exchange for a fair review.~

I really enjoyed this one! Infidelity is everything one wants in a "guilty pleasure" read. And talk about guilty!! One will also laugh when I say that it was actually refreshing and by that I mean that the characters were not perfect housewives with perfect husbands, who led perfect lives, had perfect children and were also NOT perfectly pretty. Nope. The characters were flawed from the start.

Veronica, or Ronnie, is engaged to be married to Aaron, who is almost perfect, but also very boring and SAFE. Aaron owns a catering company and Ronnie often helps out. While assisting Aaron one night at a party, Ronnie catches the eye of Charlie, the honored guest of said party. Charlie is a celebrated author, much older than Veronica, and very married. Charlie is also a father to an autistic son named, Noah. Charlie isn't the most responsible guy. He is neurotic, anal, and suffers from anxiety attacks. Charlie NEEDS someone to take care of him. He craves attention and he is instantly attracted to Ronnie, who appears to be carefree, independent, and quite opposite from everything that Charlie isn't.

When Ronnie first lays eyes on Charlie she sees an older man, not very attractive, pot bellied and messy but there is something about Charlie that draws Veronica in to him. Charlie is everything that Aaron is not.

Ronnie and Charlie's worlds collide at a time when both of their lives appear to be very fragile. Ronnie seems to want to sabotage her future, to shake things up because they seem so vanilla, wants to be reckless in her too safe world. Charlie is in need of someone to take care of him, to worship and idolize him, to give him the emotional comfort he lacks. And so it begins. Infidelity.

What does one stand to gain from such a relationship? Or...better yet, what does one stand to lose?