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Under the Rainbow: A Mother's Experiences of the Promises of God

Under the Rainbow: A Mother's Experiences of the Promises of God - Iucn Regional Office for Southern Africa Thanks to GoodReads and Monarch Books/Kregel Publications for sending me such a wonderful book that I am delighted to review. FIVE GOLDEN STARS!!! Most importantly, I would like to thank Catherine Campbell for opening up her heart and reliving the pain that she and her husband and family had to endure not once, BUT TWICE, when two of her three children were born with microcephaly, a neurodevelopmental disorder, that has a narrow life expectancy. Catherine was able to withstand so much hurt, pain, and tears because of her strong faith and relationship with God.

Campbell takes the reader back to the years that were spent caring for the two fragile but delightful girls, who were very much loved by the Campbell's middle child, Paul, who was born healthy and strong. Catherine shares many heartbreaking moments but describes many beautiful smiles and laughs that the girls provided. I spent many a night crying softly as I read page after page of a life that could only have been sustained by God's mercy. Catherine Campbell has to be one of the strongest women I have ever read about. Again, it can only be attributed to her faith and belief that God had a plan and would never abandon her and her family in their darkest hour.

I want to thank Catherine Campbell for writing a book that can only be described as a mother's worst nightmare but helping us to understand that God WILL see you through IF you call upon Him. I experienced this nightmare. I lost my 8-year old daughter, my youngest, in 2002, while awaiting a heart transplant. There were times while reading this wonderful memoir that I broke down into tears, feeling Catherine's pain and knowing all too well how difficult it is to say goodbye to a child that you have loved and raised and spent every day taking care of. Catherine Campbell described emotions that I felt. Still feel. Like Catherine, I know my daughter is in a heavenly place, welcomed by the loving arms of a loving God.

If you have ever lost a child, I recommend you take the time to read this beautiful tribute to two sisters who are forever healthy, happy, and awaiting the day when they are once again reunited with their loving family. Even if you have never lost ANYONE close to you, I would say to you,
"Buy this book. Read it. You will understand what true faith is and how one family was able to live again with the grace of God."