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Mad About the Boy

Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy - Helen Fielding Our girl, Bridget Jones, is getting a strong 4 stars from me. I bounced back and forth between the rating because a) As funny and entertaining as it was, it wasn't AMAZING.
b) I don't generally rate books of this caliber as an amazing 5-star read.

So, now that I've cleared that general bit of pivotal information up...let's move on, shall we. I am going to keep this review brief because I don't want to give anything away to those of you that haven't read MAD ABOUT THE BOY and intend to read it soon. And I certainly don't want to give anything away to those that know all about the loveable, fumbling, goofy Jonesey!! I will say this...Bridget Jones is A LOT different from the girl she was when last visited in The Edge of Reason. Yes, things have changed quite a bit but Bridget is STILL A HOT MESS!

If you're nosy and love snooping through someone else's private thoughts written in a diary, then you will love this chapter in Bridget Jones' life. Helen Fielding delivers (and I hope FINISHED with while the laughs are still there) yet again with this portion of a truly funny trilogy. There were plenty of LOL moments for me and I think it is fair to say that this is one book that I will be happy to see on the big screen. Right.