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Mother Daughter Me

Mother Daughter Me - Katie  Hafner Great book with a slow pace. Has many problems to tackle. I will return to review after I have let the emotions run their course. I will be back!!

Next day...OK. This was a great read. It did have a slower pace than I am used to reading but that did NOT prevent it from being well written and entertaining. The author did a wonderful job of expressing herself, opening up, and letting the reader in.

Three generations of women. Mother and 16-yr. old daughter make the decision to move into a large home in San Francisco with mother's mother. Disaster ahead? You betcha. Especially when one is dealing with issues from childhood, compounded with alcoholism. The women involved are forced to confront these issues and many more. The living arrangement between mother, daughter, granddaughter is tested beyond boundaries and instead of experiencing a "year of Provence", it quickly becomes clear that they have made a mistake, one that cannot even be helped with family counseling.

What did I get out of this memoir? For starters, I am so grateful that I had a normal childhood. Thank you, Mother AND Father. I cannot thank you enough for such a normal, wonderful childhood. However, this story made me think very hard about my relationships with my mother, my own daughter, and my sister. Have I been a good enough daughter, mother, sister, ME? Well, as Hafner learns, perhaps I could've done so much more or maybe I did the best I could with the tools I was given but, Gosh Doggit, I sure am going to appreciate "my girls" and whole heartedly enjoy every moment we spend together. Forgiveness, whether it's forgiving your loved ones or yourself, will set one free.