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Chanel Bonfire

Chanel Bonfire - Wendy Lawless Great read! Honest and painful memoir, with a few laughs sprinkled in for good measure.

Wendy Lawless and her sister, Robin, grew up with an unstable Grace Kelly-ish mother who drank and drank and then, unfortunately for all involved, drank some more. Their beautiful and conniving mother also collected a menagerie of men, most who were able to afford many splendid things such as luxury cars, homes, private schools, vacations. However, the one thing that money could never attain was their mother's happiness or the ability to care for her children responsibly, without the neglect that the girls suffered throughout their young lives. Oh! They're are some horrifying recollections from Wendy that just make me utterly sad that some women are able to give birth and call themselves mothers, regardless if they want to be a mother or not. Wendy and Robin's mother did NOT want to be a mother and she let her children know that more often than necessary. There is a Christmas that Lawless recalls in the book that totally broke my heart for these two little girls. How could a mother be so cruel? Lawless writes her memoir with great depth and emotion but never appears to be whining and has a lot more patience for her mother's antics than I could ever manage.

Lawless's upbringing was so very different from mine. I had loving parents who don't have a selfish bone in their bodies. I cannot imagine growing up in a household such as Wendy and Robin. I am sorry that they suffered the way that they did but I am glad that Lawless had the courage to tell her story and share the painful details. What I am really grateful for is that sometimes tragic stories DO have happy endings, in one form or another, if one is willing to work at happiness and learns to let go and break the cycle. Well done, Wendy Lawless! I think it is safe to say that with this book you have exorcised the demons of the past.