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Looking for Me

Looking for Me - Beth Hoffman Looking For Me has earned THE top spot as my all time favorite novel. I LOVE this story!! Beth Hoffman, consider me an ultimate fan. Thank you for creating this jewel. Everything about this beautifully written tale of Teddi Overman's search for her life's passion is perfect. I just want to hug my favorite book over and over. LFM will forever more be that book on my bookshelf that, when I glance at it, I will be reminded of not only how great it was but how great it made me feel with each passing chapter.

Know the feeling I speak of? You know right from the beginning it's going to be that book that you can't put down. Please don't let life disturb me until I finish reading one more page, one more chapter. As I read, LFM became my go-to happy place and then there would be the realization that this story could be my story, the moments are so relatable. My favorite books have the ability to make me feel and experience so many different emotions. Laughter and tears. And, let me tell you, there were many tears. It is not often that I become so engrossed that I cry while reading but there were several parts that just had me sobbing. A favorite story can do that because it is believable and genuine.

LFM is that kind of book. I would read a little further and then the written words of Beth Hoffman would grab me and take me for a spin on an emotional roller coaster. I'd find myself personally touched by moments in Teddi's life that were familiar to events in my own life and then I would stop, hold my place and stare at the cover of this amazing novel. When something suspenseful occurs, I mark my place again with my finger and hurry towards the back of the book to count the last page yet again. What page am I on? O.K. I've got (x) amount of pages left. Please don't let it end. I want to remain with Teddi and her loveable little dog, Eddie. Still, I can't turn the pages fast enough because I need to know that Teddi's life will be alright and as perfect as I think it should be.

Will Teddi find herself and true happiness in Charleston or Kentucky? Will Teddi ever repair the relationship with her mother? Will Teddi find all that she seeks? A home of her own, acceptance, forgiveness, love? And, what about Josh?

LFM is filled with a great supporting cast of characters I want to get to know personally. The mystical Josh. Sweet Mr. Palmer. Grumpy, quiet Albert and the thieving, sticky-fingered, Miz Tula Jane Poteet. I loved Teddi's BFF, Olivia. The conversations shared between the two friends could just as well have been a conversation I had with my own BFF. Like this brilliant novel, the characters are genuine. LFM also contained many of the things I am passionate about in my life. Great family, antiques, nature and wildlife conservation and animal rescue, Southern charm and old homes. Teddi's is a story about all of these things, including hope and finding love in the most unexpected of places, when one is least likely to be looking. LFM had just the right amount of mystery and suspense for me. I really could not predict the ending. There were fantastical moments of happiness and moments of profound loss and sadness that seemed to almost gut me. All were moments I could relate to, one way or another. LFM definitely found it's way to my heart. Did I mention that I loved this book?

An excerpt from the book: Looking For Me by Beth Hoffman,

"We sift and seek and question as we try to discover our truths and the truths of those we love, and sometimes when we least expect it, a mystery we never knew existed gets solved while all else remains unanswered."