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The Next Time You See Me

The Next Time You See Me - Holly Goddard Jones I am unsure JUST HOW I have come to own this book. I have obviously won a copy of THE NEXT TIME YOU SEE ME from Goodreads. Received in mail last Friday.

I am assuming that I requested a copy or joined a free giveaway that has since been forgotten. However, I am always grateful and excited to receive a gift of any kind. So, THANK YOU, Goodreads!! I will read once I finish current book and will oblige with my review.

Ok...So, I finally finished this book. Took me longer to read than most books. Even longer to read than most Russian Literature. In case ya don't read Russian Lit, that can be a LONG time to finish a book. Was it a bad book? No. Not exactly. Started with promise. Felt like I was tucking into a good mystery read. It is a mystery. The story, not the book. After the first chapter, maybe the second, I found myself impatient. I even questioned whether I would actually finish this free book that I received through Goodreads. I appreciated the FREE BOOK and cheers to Holly Goddard Jones, the author. She does have an interesting way of writing and defining the main characters. She writes well. I just really couldn't like any of her characters. Each one was so painfully described, down to the very last little boring detail of their pitiful lives in the dullest of southern towns called Roma. Uh..I will NEVER go to Roma. Nothing happens in Roma. Except for murder.

This novel, the first for award winning Holly Goddard Jones, centers around two eighth graders, one an outcast, weird 13-year old girl named Emily. The other, Christopher, the boy every 13-year old girl wants to love and every 13-year old boy wants to be. Emily finds a body in the woods near her home and wants to keep this secret to herself and possibly share it with Christopher, who she has imaginary conversations with on her frequent jaunts to look at the decomposing corpse. Then there is Susanna, an unhappily married eighth grade teacher. Susanna's sister is missing and the lead detective searching for her sister is an old high school flame of Susanna's. Last but not least is Wyatt, a lonely, desperately depressed and hollow soul. Each of these people are connected to the missing person and each has their own little storyline. It just seems that it takes forever to get to those stories but when I finally got to the heart of their story, the parts that mean anything, that was when the novel was really great. Clever. Let me just say this; the novel has 372 pages. I was at or around page 189 when the story finally got to the point.

Great story? No. Bad story? No. What can I say about this novel to sum up my review and give the reader some perspective? (Of course, this is MY interpretation ONLY. Someone else may find this mystery novel hard to put down. So, please keep that in mind.) While I was reading this book, someone who wanted to read it once I was finished ASKED me, "Is the book good?" I thought about it for a bit. How should I answer? I can't say it's good. I can't say that it's bad. I CAN say that it wasn't great. If Goddard Jones would have done less description of character and told more of the story THEN it would have been a really good book. (In my opinion.) This was a MYSTERY, SUSPENSE novel. It had SOME of that, just not enough. And, the ending. Oh! The ending? Don't even get me started on that.