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Andrew Henry's Meadow

Andrew Henry's Meadow - Doris Burn Growing up, when Mom said it was time for bed and asked my brother and I what we wanted her to read, we each were allowed to pick out a book. Andrew Henry's Meadow was always a favorite choice of mine. When I had children of my own, I shared my own beloved copy of AHM.

My daughter and I were looking through the books we purchased tonight for my grandson and we began to talk about books that were her favorite when she was a young child. Andrew Henry's Meadow was one she loved as much as I did. Many years have passed since my days of reading/enjoying Andrew Henry's Meadow. I had forgotten about the wonderful illustrations and the amazing inventions that I had so loved as a little girl and in turn, read to my own.

Love that book and now I am on a mission to locate a NEW COPY for my grandson. Share it with your children. They WILL love it, too.