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The Last Original Wife: A Novel

The Last Original Wife: A Novel - Dorothea Benton Frank The latest book from Dot Frank is pretty darn good. Love all her stories from the Lowcountry, South Carolina. I always want to take a road trip when I wrap one of her little gems up. Frank's books always take place in the Lowcountry, from Sullivan's Island to Pawleys Island. Last Original Wife starts out in Atlanta but quickly moves to Charleston. The book also contains some literary tidbits on Josephine Pinckney. (The main character flees to Charleston to stay with her brother, who happens to own the former, haunted home of Pinckney.) Adds interest to this tale.

Easy read. Simple, basic plot. Leslie and Wes are married with two of the most ungrateful, lazy 20-something kids. Leslie, or Les, as she is most often referred to, is fed up to the yazoo with her family. Her husband, Wes, is inattentive and B-o-r-i-n-g. He treats Les like dirt, basically. Wes spends all of his free time on the golf course with his 2 best buds. All three of these weasels are suffering some form of midlife crisis and Wes' friends have replaced their wives, who also happened to be Leslie's BFF's, with very young wives. For obvious reasons, Les cannot stand these two little minxes. Wes drags Leslie on a trip to Edinburgh, Scotland, with said friends in tow, to play golf at the old famed St. Andrews Golf Club.

THIS is the beginning of the end of Wes and Les's marriage. In Edinburgh, after having lunch, the three couples were walking back to the hotel. Les accidentally falls into a manhole and it goes unnoticed by the entire group. For 45 minutes Les's husband did not miss her walking along side him. Not until the group returns to the hotel! Meanwhile, Les is rescued and whisked to the hospital in a foreign country. Making matters worse, Wes doesn't join Les at the hospital and enjoys 2 days of golf while his wife lingers at the hospital. Once home in Atlanta, Les makes the painful decision to leave and doesn't tell anyone where she's going or when she will return.

Leslie flees to the home of her brother, Harlan, in Charleston, SC. It is here where Leslie will rediscover what it means to live, love and find true happiness within herself. Self discovery. I think so.