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Close Your Eyes, Hold Hands - Chris Bohjalian

This is my new read for the week and I am really enjoying this more than I thought. Through other reviews and blogs, I really assumed that this title would be aimed at the YA crowd only. It isn't. I would file this right under ADULT, too. Listen, I don't read a lot of YA because I am older and I just feel silly when I do and the content really isn't relatable to my age. Granted, there are YA's out there that I do enjoy and let me just ADD THIS to the list ASAP!!! It's so good and I wish I had the time to sit and read it in one night. If I could have, then this little baby would've been devoured quickly. Seriously, for me, it's absorbing and I hate to have to place a bookmark and set it aside. It's not that I find likeness or things in common with the protagonist, (oh no! She's dealing with some emotional baggage that I've NEVER even imagined!) it's just that she is so quirky and humorous, even in the face of serious tragedy. Despite her flaws, Emily is very human and I just feel the overwhelming need to jump in and protect her.

You see, Emily and her family are in a bit of a pickle. Living in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, Emily is at school one day when the small, rural town she lives in is suddenly under an emergency evacuation due to an explosion and meltdown of the local power plant. Unsure of her parents fate, Emily is forced to evac away ALONE and her troubles begin soon afterwards. Let me just say, WOW!! Emily can get her self into a real big mess but when one is alone, hungry, and homeless, desperation is a means of survival. 

Yup!! Sounds interesting, right?! Well, don't let me keep you. Go!! Go get a copy and start reading now.