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The Summer Wind - Mary Alice Monroe

I've just started the second book in the Lowcountry Summer trilogy and I love that it picks up exactly where the first book left off. Of course, it doesn't really matter because I began reading this the day after I finished the first book. No chance of forgetting what happened. However, for those that won't have the same opportunity, now you know. One more fun fact: The Summer Girls, the first book in this delightful trilogy, focused mainly on Carson Muir, the middle sister. The Summer Wind, second in the series, starts with each sister getting her fair share of storyline. Dora, the eldest of sisters, might have more of a role this go-round. It seems Monroe is trying to develop her character a bit more. Even the youngest, Harper, is beginning a character development. Carson is still my favorite sister and the sister I identify more with. When I began this trilogy, I felt like I knew the Muir family. Yes! It's one of those stories that makes me feel as if I'm there sitting on the porch sipping sweetened iced tea. The scenes are so descriptive that I can hear the gentle lull of the waves, smell the salty sea air, and feel the warm summer breeze on my sunburnt shoulders. Oh! And, of course, there's the dolphins! When a story involves dolphins, I'm ALL in!