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The Library of Unrequited Love

The Library of Unrequited Love - Sophie Divry, Siân Reynolds
Read from August 13 to 14, 2014 — I own a copy


This is short story about a dull, lonely, modest woman who happens to work in the Geography section of a library. The Geography section of this particular library is housed in the basement. One morning before the library has opened, the woman discovers someone, identified only as " a reader", sleeping in the basement. Apparently, the woman has seen the reader around the library and while she is startled to find someone sleeping in her section, she is not too concerned and thus begins discussing all things related to the library. This is a woman who has a love/hate relationship with the library, after maintaining this position for twenty-five years. Her musings cover the explanation of the Dewey decimal classification, how it works, favorite authors, a failed love life, an infatuation with a young man named Martin, her observaitons of library patrons and their habits, and many other related library topics. Simply put, this is about a lonely librarian, with immense knowledge about libraries and books and not enough physical, human contact. It kind of left me feeling sad. ~And lonely.~ Next time I go to my library, I will certainly make sure to tell my librarian hello.