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The Blonde - Anna Godbersen

I loved it!! Of course, I am a HUGE fan of MM and I'm drawn to anything concerning her. First off, this a fictional depiction of a very different Marilyn, one that doesn't quite capture the legend in a very favorable light. If you're looking for Monroe playing Lorelei Lee, well, that's just not gonna happen here. The Blonde takes real live events, dates, news reports, and common knowledge from MM's life and then intertwines this with an interesting WHAT IF. Marilyn as a Russian spy, working with a sneaky handler named Alexei. Her mission: to destroy JFK. Was Marilyn murdered by government assassins? Was Lee Harvey Oswald the lone gunmen on that fateful November day?Someone knows the answers and someone is taking it to their grave. Loved the book!! This was a character Marilyn would've loved to portray. Action, adventure, suspense, AND MARILYN!! What's not to love?


**Thanks to Weinstein Books and edelweiss for sending me a digital review copy in exchange for an honest review.