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Neverhome: A Novel - Laird Hunt
Excellent story about a young married woman who makes the decision, with her husband, to disguise herself as a man and fight for the Union during the Civil War. Constance chooses to go because she is fearless, a better aim, and longs to see the world. Her husband, Bartholomew, stays behind to take care of the farm and because his vision is weak. Of the two, Constance is more likely to return. She is willing to fight hard, to stare death in the face, and vows she will never run from battle. Constance becomes known to her regiment as Gallant Ash and becomes a living legend. As we follow her into the fields of battle, blood, and glory, Ash is a fearless soldier. Her journey through war is long and brutal. Returning to Bartholomew and the farm is what gives her hope and strength. She must return home. Unfortunately, events take a turn and Constance finds herself locked away, with little hope of rescue. Fear will eventually catch up to her and she will soon discover that the road home may be lost to her forever. Wonderfully written, descriptive and vivid! I could almost hear the cannons and the cry of wounded men.

Finished!! More reading ahead!!