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Ya know what?! There ARE great, thoughtful, kind, and generous souls STILL residing in this world, a world where we are too busy to show a small courtesy to a stranger. A simple hello. A little smile. How hard could it be, right?! One never knows when the simple gesture of a smile or one tiny act of kindness will lift the spirit of a stranger, another soul so desperately needing that smile, that comfort. You just never know. 


Here's what got me thinking: Tonight, me, my husband, daughter and son-in-law went to Tokyo Live for dinner. We were the last to be seated at the large Hibachi table. A young father and mother sat across from us with their 4 1/2 month old baby boy. The dad was celebrating his bday. ADORABLE BABY, btw!! ((and so quiet)) Then, sitting to our right was a man, his wife, and I am presuming, their 21-year old daughter. Perfect strangers all of us!! But we had an AMAZING time!! After a wonderful dining experience, I asked for the check. The waitress shook her head NO and pointed to the gentlemen in the red shirt, the man to my right. HE HAD PICKED UP EVERYONE'S BILL and PAID FOR ALL OF IT!!! About $500.00 worth of food and spirits!! No questions!! No airs!! He didn't even want his generosity acknowledged. He just wanted to enjoy his evening out and to celebrate with the ENTIRE table!! Of course, we thanked him profusely!! His generosity did not stop at us either. Our waitress was also gifted and happy!! She expressed her surprise and appreciation. She said she had NEVER witnessed any such thing before. I know I haven't. Because people just don't do this kind of thing anymore. It's rare. We barely look up from our laptops and cell phones to say hello to our own families, much less a stranger. I'm not saying that I expect perfefct strangers to spend a fortune on one another. That's NOT my point. My point is this: One small act of kindness and a bit of generosity goes a long way. That man has no idea how happy he made everyone at our table. How unselfish! How thoughtful! How wonderful!! We were all perfect strangers!! Just absolutely made my day. And the only way I can think to repay this kindness is to PAY IT FORWARD. I probably won't be picking up a $500.00 tab but somehow, someway...I'm going to pass that kindness on. We all should. Every one of us!! Who knows?! Maybe kindness is catching and with everything going on in our world, perhaps it's something worth spreading.


So, here's to you awesome guy at Tokyo Live!! THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!! You have no idea the good cheer you spread tonite. Well played!! Your kindness and generosity meant the world to us!! And you brought a table of strangers together. A great time was had by all!!