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I am asking for prayers this morning!!

An unspeakable tragedy has occurred down my road this morning here in Breaux Bridge. Several blocks away, a speeding truck killed innocent children as they walked to school. I am horrified and heartbroken. My heart hurts for the families and children. I will be praying for each and every one. I understand all too well the emotions these parents are now facing but never the anguish of losing a child so unnecessarily. The driver was SPEEDING!! Speeding so fast that he knocked out three children, electrical poles, and mailboxes!! In a residential area!!!! Where children walk twice daily. I knew this would happen and that it was just a matter of time. City Council has ignored pleas from concerned famiies to install speed bumps at different intervals. There are speed bumps at the far end of the road but in a very obsolete area, not to mention, those bumps are worn down and need replacement. THERE ARE NO SPEED LIMIT SIGNS ON THIS ROAD!!! NONE!!!! The traffic that goes down this RESIDENTIAL area travels at breakneck speeds. WHY? There are NO patrol units or cross walk guards to ensure that these children safely return to and from school. Sadly, when these children leave home/school they are ON THEIR OWN!! Look at the tragic outcome!! There are zero CHILDREN AT PLAY signs. For that matter, there are no signs of any kind!!! What is sadder still...even after this terrifying incident, PEOPLE ARE STILL SPEEDING DOWN THE ROAD this morning!!! On November 11, @ 6:00 P.M, Breaux Bridge City Council will hold their regular meeting and guess who's going to be there?! Me, my husband, and my wonderfufl neighbors. I do not have children of school age any more. My neighbor's boys are older but he has made numerous attempts to convince City Council to do something, ANYTHING!! Several years ago, a patrol car sat at one corner, closer to school, watching the children walk down Martin Street. When the children failed to walk on the provided sidewalks, the patrol car placed them in the unit and drove them home. Once home, a ticket was issued. Why do the children refuse to walk on the sidewalks? Why do they walk in the streets? I don't know. Unfortunately, sidewalks are not even provided further down the road where the accident occurred. But, obviously, sidewalks are not providing the safety needed to get our children to school and back home. WHY AREN'T Patrol Officers assisting these kids? Believe me, the cops are aware that the children walk in the streets. The cops are aware that people FLY down this road. They do NOTHING!! However, election draws closer and I intend to take advantage of it. Rumor has it that the Mayor was at the crime scene this morning, which then brought out others running for election. It's sad that these children and their families have paid the price for the city's negligence. I understand that a speeding driver is responsible for the deaths of these kids but little has been done to discourage speeders and no effort has been made to ensure the safety of the children as they walk down the street to school. Three children began their mornings as any other day. Three kids walked out of the doors of their homes for the last time. They walked into the beautiful sunshine on a gorgeous Thursday morning, looking forward to so many things. Friends, school, Halloween, the holidays. A speeding truck took that away fom them. What did the other children witness? How will their lives be affected? A tragedy so unnecessary!! My heart is broken but I WILL try to prevent the next accident. I'm going to that City Council meeting and if ANYONE is reading this and you live in the Breaux Bridge area, I encourage you to attend. The next meeting is November 11 @ 6 P.M. at Breaux Bridge City Hall. City Council meetings are held on the second Tuesday of every month.

Again, my heart and prayers go out to the children that were lost and to the families that lost their sweet child. I pray for those children that witnessed the accident and for those that lost a friend, cousin, sibling. May God's love envelope each and all.



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UPDATE: Driver accused of hitting children in Breaux Bridge did not stop, possibly impaired

The driver accused of hitting the three children walking to school in Breaux Bridge early Thursday morning did not stop after hitting them and may have been impaired, a State Police spokesman said.

The driver, who has not been identified yet, reportedly hit the children on Martin Street near Babineaux Street, then continued on to Babineaux, where he ran off the road into a ditch and hit a telephone pole, Trooper First Class Jared Sandifer said.

Breaux Bridge Police arrested the driver while he was in the ditch, Sandifer said. The driver is now in State Police custody.

Two children died and one is in critical condition at Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center in Baton Rouge.

Investigators suspect the driver may have been impaired at the time of the crash, Sandifer said. 

The investigation is ongoing. Check back with KATC for more details.