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The Secrets of Life and Death - Rebecca Alexander


Finished this book at exactly 3:00 A.M this morning. I'm going to be honest and say that the grand finale all of the characters experienced was a bit terrifying. As I read, I got an eerie feeling and began looking around the dimly lit room. Just a little bit spooky!! That's the power of great writing, giving the reader the sensation of being in the same moments of the pages read. Heart pounding, wide-eyed good stuff!!

There were two stories being told and each related to the other. One is in present-day England. The other takes place in the late 1500's at an old ancestral castle. Both tales are seeking answers to the secrets of life and death. When the secrets are revealed, there are those that will regret the truth. And, when it comes to the infamous Countess Elizabeth Bathory, sometimes it's best to leave the dead, well, DEAD!!

Thanks to Blogging for Books for sending me this great ARC in exchange for a review. This was a winner for me!!